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The Defense Business landscape has drastically changed and is in constant renewal. By the same token we have seen many company marketing efforts not properly targeted, advertisements placed in the wrong medium, tradeshow efforts wasted and not proper use of CRM platforms. Let us work with you, operate within these parameters to find the best CPM. Our use of social media, blogs, conferences and other available resources should enhance your position in the marketplace save you time…and money. Since we do not take too many clients, we can provide individual tactical and strategic assistance without running the meter up!


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
social media

A trendy word that is often misused in the defense sector and generally in marketing. The social media experience can be a positive one and we can promote your products and measure effectiveness across channels.

blog and P.R

Content is changing fast. We can provide you with media content adapted to online editorial through targeted blogs and produce P.R pieces on demand.

print and digital media

Print media has changed, The Defense Agency can negotiate and book print or digital advertising on your behalf along with selecting the proper message

CRM Services

The Defense Agency can work with you on a maximizing your CRM use whether with Salesforce or any other platform.


Our team.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Steve Grazi

Founder & CEO

Viv Geller


Pete McGrath


John Rivers



some case Studies

these are excerpts

CRM Project

We worked with an Helicopter parts manufacturers and set up their CRM to be used as an ERP platform, enabling inventory, tracking and cases submissions via SALESFORCE


Print Ad

Designed and purchased advertising space for a renowned UAV contractor in the USA.


Trade shows

Trade shows are a very active part of the defense business.  We do help with trade show strategies, not only what is the best exhibit venue but also how to capture leads and how to attract decision makers. Other tactical advice is given.


SEO Project.

Having a web presence is undeniable however the defense industry needs to tighten up on SEO practices.  We increased visibility for one contractor by 300% by reworking SEO protocols.



from few clients.

We were taking a lot for granted here at Crown.  TDA was able to help in fixing our messed up CRM system! Thanks.

Melina Albrecht

Founder, Crown Defense


Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Our joint experience of over 25 years in the defense sector makes us a perfect ally in your marketing and sales endeavors. 


Our objective is to get your project out fast we use a combination of traditional methods and Agile to navigate smoothly through the development process.


We have been around the DC area for a while and have an extensive network of contacts in the Defense and IT sector.

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Some excerpts from our blog

New beginnings in defense marketing.

Defense Marketing has becoming increasingly difficult and competitive. The days of advertising budgets and spending have changed and the once famed sector for lavish events and unlimited ads in glossy magazine is now looking at efficiencies through a multi media approach which is much more advanced and complex than a advertisement into a magazine.

Why Amazon can afford to be defiant
[ad_1] Amazon indeed decided to protest the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud contract award decision to Microsoft. Are we surprised? Not at all. I think most would have been shocked if Amazon did not protest, under…

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